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My sweet ruler I cherished you once, adore you still, dependably have and dependably will.

I never could have finished what I have today without the adoration I feel from you!

Can we meet up one night and surrender our rights and wrongs? Neglect one another into each other’s arms and complete ourselves with the merry feeling of our adoration.

I never knew how it felt to chuckle idiotically at somebody before I met you. Adore you, dear spouse.

When I investigate your eyes, I know I’ve discovered the mirror to my spirit.

I wouldn’t have any desire to have whatever other mate, on the grounds that our bond is key. I require you like a heart needs a beat.

On the off chance that a kiss could let you know the amount I adore you, I am certain we would be kissing until the end of time.

In the event that I realize what adoration is, it is a result of you. If you don’t mind try to remain with me and affection me generally.


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